Sub-lease your near-campus apartment, market your sublease and find a cheap apartment--fast.

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Ok Listen!

I loved college--no really it was... AWESOME! But here are two things that sucked about it:

1. Finding apartments close to campus
2. Sub-leasing my apartment

Haven't you wondered why the right apartment is so hard to find? Well it's simple; the good deals are out there, but they're on different websites and it's a pain in the ass to collate (SAT WORD ALERT) all of that information with all that studying partying you have to do. So here's what Aptrush does:

We get results from websites all over the internet (Facebook, Oodle, Vflyer, eBay,, MySpace, Newspapers etc..) and let you search them in one place.

But, that's not it.

We help you sublease your room/apartment by listing it on our site and MARKETING IT using your Facebook profile--it's about time you leveraged your popularity to make money!

Ok, how can I get started?
1. Click on the "sign in with Facebook to get started" button above.
2. Click 'login' to login using your Facebook profile.
3. Click 'allow' to give us permissions to post your listing on your wall.